Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thank You Todd May

Just let us know when it's going down at Clemson. We'll be there post haste.

In Gratitude and Solidarity,
The New School in Exile


  1. Let's admit that Bob Kerrey hasn't been all bad, shall we?

    Sit and talk with the man rather than shout at him and make demands. He has something you don't; time. How many of you are going to cancel your winter break plans? How many of you will be left come Wednesday...or even Sunday?

    I implore you to start to be rational. You got your protest-high. Now get off your horse to talk realistically. Your stock is at an all time high, and with every passing piss-in-a-bottle, it's dropping.

  2. It's killing some of your fellow NSSR graduate students that we can't be there with you. We have other obligations, like our own students at other institutions, that are keeping us busy right now during finals and grading times.

    We're watching this thing from around the boroughs in solidarity and with pride.

  3. Alexander ... maybe you should read more about the Banality of Evil.

    FYI. The phrase was coined at your school.

  4. B -- I am by no means saying that what the protesters stand for is wrong -- in fact, I agree with many of their points (and disagree with some.). I know "The Banality of Evil" well, thanks to the institution I'm proud to call my university.

    But the means are hurting other students right now and I merely present in these comments an opposing view in an attempt to create some sort of dialogue which has not happened WITHIN the walls of the school.