Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mr. Kerrey I presume

Well, that irascible fellow, Bob Kerrey has returned to the halls of the Graduate Faculty Building unnecessarily escorted by the NYPD because he seems to think that peaceful democratic protest requires police protection. I wonder how he felt in Vietnam?

In Solidarity,
The New York Schools in Exile


  1. yes, the home that the students pay for with their tuition, and that the public pays for with their tax money. we all take these issues home with us, from New School students and faculty, to the people of Vietnam and Iraq. if he's so afraid of his own students, then maybe he should consider a new career; consulting for Blackwater and other such criminal enterprises would perhaps be more appropriate.

  2. If people were following him to his home that is more than enough reason to be fearful, it shows a certain level of disregard for him as a human being with a life beyond his responsibilities at the New School. The fact that people think he is the sole reason behind the issues at the university is laughable and makes one wonder what exactly people are truly attempting to accomplish. He is no more a dictator than we all are his suffering citizens. Take action, but don't be foolish, you undermine us all if you are.