Thursday, December 18, 2008

No time for Panic

A couple of our comrades have been roughed up and a couple arrested. But we still have control. The New York Times and Democracy Now are still standing strong with us! For this we salute them.

Thank you to everyone out there who is keeping up. We will continue to try and get you information.

If you know civil rights lawyers in NYC please post their name's and Phone numbers.

Yours with Resolve.


  1. updates #newschoolny

  2. solidarity! great work -- stay strong.

  3. a brilliant civil-rights attorney whom I studied under at Columbia: Elizabeth OuYang

    lizouyang [at]

  4. Big Ups Yourselves! With You From S.F.
    "Now is the time of burning. Let only light emit from these ashes."

  5. i think you guys are doing a great job! please let us know how to get more involved!
    fyi: they aren't letting students into the building anymore. the cops are outside all the main doors, and they are trying to keep everyone out. so unless you have a good excuse to get in they won't let you. OH and apparently needing to study for a final is not a good enough excuse to get in.

  6. its so important to keep this going! its a great job!