Thursday, December 18, 2008

New School In Exile WINS Major Victories in Third Day of Occupation!

1) I agree to grant total amnesty for all participants involved in the occupation and all events related to it over the course of 12/17/08 through 12/19/08 at all New School Buildings. Neither criminal charges nor academic disciplinary measures will be pursued against those involved.

The University will not press charges against Eliot Liu.

Staff and security guards will be compensated for all time lost over the course of the occupation.

2) I agree that students may use the GF building at 65 Fifth Ave until a suitable replacement is secured and instituted, which would include the re-installment of suitable library and study space. This would need to be approved by the USS.

3) I agree that students will have voting representation on the search committee for the interim-Provost and the Provost, as well as any searches that may take place in the future for a new President. The details of this will be worked out with representatives of the University Student Senate, and input from the student body at large.

4) I agree for student participation to establish a committee on Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) for the University’s endowment and that this committee will then establish an independent auditing process with the SRI framework. The committee to establish the SRI will meet by the first week of April, 2009.

5) I agree to grant the University Student Senate the ability to communicate with the student body freely and without constraint (and to not restrict their access to Groupwise email and other technologies that enable this).

6) I agree that a representative of the USS should be allowed to have a representative at meetings of the Board of Trustees in order to speak to specific issues that pertain to decisions passed by the USS or directly relating to USS business.

Final Copy will be posted Shortly!



    Those of us still awake, and those asleep, are SO PROUD!

    Presuming there will be more info later about any potential resignations or lack thereof?

  2. I'm impressed. I've been following this blog with interest since they wouldn't let me into the 13th Street Computer lab at 11 p.m. Apparently sit ins still do work.

  3. Yes! We are proud of you guys!
    Cheers from Istanbul. Hakan.

  4. nice to hear, although I am still trying to get into a (read: almost any) college, it's great to know that people still care. Everyone I know is really proud of you people, keep up the good work.

  5. Congratulations on the victory! Will 65 Fifth Avenue be open to the public tomorrow? I need to access archives in the Fogelman library for thesis research

  6. What a lively and important sit-in! I just got back home to Bensonhurst (3:40 a.m.) ... was standing outside with 150 others for around 4 hours. Congratulations, I think. Your action was very inspiring.

    I wish I could say the same about this settlement. VOTE IT DOWN! For me, this settlement is not adequate.

    - Nothing about the resignations of any of the 3 top University warmonger ... er, officials.

    - Nothing about the corporation L3 Communications and their role in Iraq and elsewhere.

    - Nothing about tuition rollbacks.

    - No University statement against the war in Iraq or solidarity with the students in Greece and elsewhere.

    - No cutting off of negotiations until demonstrators are allowed to use the bathroom. (Never negotiate from a position of being physically coerced.)

    Yes, the war criminal agreed to setting up some committees -- I don't understand why this is seen as a big deal, a victory.

    Don't mean to minimize the great work you all are doing, the excitement, the enthusiasm, but is this why you sat in?

    My advice (for what it's worth) -- hold out for at least one of the above "political" demands. Any one of them is worth all the others that you won put together, and then some.

    Sit-in to OPEN UP the university.

    Mitchel Cohen
    Brooklyn Greens / Green Party

  7. Really Well done!
    Marc Gibson
    University and College Union member
    Loughborough University

  8. My Goodness I wish I was still there to stand with you.
    Sending my strength and best wishes from across the pond.
    (ASDS '05)

  9. This has been a good day for The New School.

    But don't let this be the end of these issues! This occupation must be one step in a much larger process to pressure Kerrey and his administration to resign by the end of the academic year. Don't lose hope! Oust the jerk!

  10. As much as I don't support this protest and believe that it was performed in a way counterproductive to its purported ideals, I also agree that if you stop now you will look no less than silly.

    Also, stop saying that you represent the students of the school. You only represent a small amount, and you have alienated the more moderate students such as myself.

    The fact is we live in a capitalist society, whether that is wrong or right is another thing entirely. You by going to the New School definitely participate in that by coming up with your 30K tuition every year.

    Where do you get that money? Either your parents, student loans, scholarships, and a few of you might even pay your own way. So you too are complicit in the system just as much.

    The fact is I'd rather see you be talking to them about lowering tuition rather than protesting about a building that needs to be torn down. That would only have happened of course if you actually wanted to hear a dialogue amongst students rather than an echo.

  11. Also, one more thing.

    Why haven't you responded to any of the criticism of your fellow students? I'm not talking about the people who were crass, but the people with real points.

    You have not once taken the time in your many posts to respond to our concerns, and it is your belief is it not that you are doing this for your fellow students?

  12. I am Aristofanes Politripas, writing to you from the basement of the Polytechnic University in Athens, at the centre of the current uprising. We are surrounded by those gasping for air from teargas, and those with ribs bruised violently by rubber bullets. I write on behalf of my brothers and sisters at present baring their chests in the face of the lumpenproletarian zombie-servants - our so-called police - servants of the fascisto-exploiters. I write on behalf of my brothers and sisters to thank you for the banner on your window expressing solidarity with our Greek epoch-making uprising. I see you with facial hair. This is proper. Every means must be exerted to break the cultural insidious mind-manipulation of the exploiters. Grow hair everywhere, do not shave or wash, terrorise the 'Stepford Wives' of global-neofascism with the natural hair and odour of our species! For this we fight on the streets of Athens, birthplace of democracy. And capture every square metre of property! Every square metre of property expropriated in the name of the masses is another nail in the coffin of monopolistic neoglobal fascism. And do not laugh - we Greeks have learned long ago to exert power where it is the most effective. Occupy the men's and women's toilets of buildings and you will clear an entire building in one stroke! Do not laugh or think I am joking. FORWARD INTERNATIONAL WARRIORS OF ANTI NEOGLOBAL-FACISM