Thursday, December 18, 2008

55 W. 13th Street has been Occupied!

Our Outside contingent has taken the Building at 55W. 13th Street!

The New School in Exile Now holds two Buildings!


  1. Let me know when the police start arresting you dumb-dumbs. I'm going to come down and laugh!

  2. Please, stop. I have exams to take tomorrow. This is unfair to everyone else.

  3. How could you possibly question Robert Millard's integrity?

  4. Get your priorities straight and have some respect for your fellow students. Your protest has been noted. Now you all are causing chaos for the sake of chaos. Your radical student "action" is very selfish and destructive.

  5. JD.

    I totally agree with you. It seems that they care more about the publicity going along with the protest than the actual cause.

    You know what? These people disrupted one of my classes today to try and get people to come. This is going way overboard.

    Who are YOU to disrupt my LEARNING that I paid quite a bit for?

    I really hope Kerry expels all of you and fires any faculty participating.

  6. Oh boo hoo. When I was a student I would've much rather done this then studied for finals. I would've gladly flunked them all to support an occupation. Some things are more important than your fucking grades, like perhaps trying to get some accountability and say in your schooling? Without that, what do your finals matter? Keep up the struggle, don't let the naysayers get you down! Solidarity yall.

  7. If you are say paying for your degree instead of your parents and have to work to pay for it - maybe?

    So, yes that makes my grades and finals extremely important to me and my future.

    Oh. I didn't know that this was a totalitarian regime. Isn't that what these people are supposedly fighting against? Shouldn't those against what they are doing have a voice in the discussion too?

    Or because we don't agree with you we should get shut out as well?

  8. Accountability and say in your schooling? If the New School is that bad maybe you should consider transferring to another school.

  9. Considering that there are about 75 - 100 students protesting and the enrollment at the New School is more than 7,000... it seems to me that the vast majority of the student body is satisfied with their education. It's a shame that this radical fringe has taken the other 6,900 students hostage.

  10. Learn to read JD.

    As for nss... I was paying for all of my schooling and working and I still would've rather been involved in something like this.

    And a totalitarian regime? Please. You're here speaking and have made your objections clearly. Disagreeing with you is just part of dialog, not oppression. Its the pigs keeping you out of the occupation, not students. Get back to studying for finals.

  11. At it's heart it is a form of terrorism, and I think if I am not mistaken the patriot act makes it possible to charge them with terrorism.

    These people are risking a lot to inconvenience other students and make someone step down to save a building that should be torn down.

    Isn't a shame that CUNY schools such as Baruch are a fraction of the price of the New School but don't share the same quality of facilities?

    Changes like this have to happen, and making a ruckus such as this is going to make a large impact on the way people view the school.

    Are you not concerned with the impact this could have on soon to be graduates in an already constrictive job market?

  12. Terrorism?! For a fucking occupation? I'm through with this argument. Get fucked you scumbag.

  13. Oh wow. What language. Academia is about debate, not forcing other ideas down the throats of other people. Furthermore, a true academic does not have to resort to such language due to the fact that actually have enough knowledge to form a valid argument. I guess you don't.



    1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.
    2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
    3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

    Sounds like this is pretty much a prime case of #1.

    Also, occupation? Who do you think are? An invading army?

  14. "Who are YOU to disrupt my LEARNING that I paid quite a bit for?

    If you are say paying for your degree instead of your parents and have to work to pay for it - maybe?"

    some people who are paying for their learning don't want their money, which is intended specifically for education (like you've made clear), to then also be funneled into the military industrial complex and the pockets of executives of defense corporations accused of torture.

  15. I'm not an academic, I'm a worker and I never claimed otherwise. Forgive me (not really) that I have a short fuse, but friends of mine are facing decades (yes, plural) in jail for merely being protest organizers thanks to things like the PATRIOT ACT, and so I don't have much tolerance for people throwing the word around lightly. Unless you think these students deserve to have the rest of their lives ruined, maybe you should shut the fuck up and think about what you're actually saying. Especially being in NYC, you should have a clue what terrorism actually looks like and this sure as shit ain't it.

    As for "occupation," yes they are occupying the cafeteria. If you had any sense of history or struggle you'd know this. Shouldn't you be studying?

  16. I just logged on to check the status of what it was going to be like tomorrow, before I felt it necessary to make a comment. Like any other student I suffer from procrastination, so sue me.

    No, I don't. I don't want to see anyone get hurt or get their lives ruined. The fact is, however, if someone wanted to press charges like that they could in fact. What about the students that just got caught up in the moment? Who is looking out for them? The leaders of this movement should be looking out for them is what I am saying, and I truly meant it when I said I hope no one gets hurt.

    What if the school attempts to sue/ press criminal charges? Do the leaders have enough money for lawyers for the lot of them?

    These are the issues at play. That is what I am worried about. I care about the image of my school and my fellow students. If things were planned better and overall less hostile I could see myself identifying more with New School in Exile.

    Also, if they cede to their demands and everyone steps down who will run the school in the mean time? Has a plan been thought through for that? What happens to the people who had to miss exams because of that? Miss class?

    I'm just trying to think of it farther than just a group getting together to support a cause. Did anyone think past what will/should happen when they closed the door on the cafeteria?

  17. I can't say as I'm just following this now, but I'd imagine they have some sort of longer term plan and anyway, there is plenty of time to talk during the occupation, eh?

    As for criminal charges, it doesn't seem likely. As you say, there's the image of a school to protect and slamming students with terrorism charges wouldn't look pretty. Lawyers would undoubtedly be pro-bono (ACLU or NLG, I'd bet). I'm guessing there'll be some disorderly conduct charges and maybe a few extras thrown on to "ringleaders," but nothing too serious. That's how this usually pans out.

  18. Just echoing other sentiment, but for the rest of us who aren't inclined to protest, where is OUR school? You do not speak for me just as the administration does not speak for you.

    Where is MY voice to be heard when you have seized everywhere where I once felt welcome?