Thursday, December 18, 2008

Faculty Outside!

We now know that Faculty including esteemed Philosoher, Simon Critchley are being held outside.

Our Faculty is coming to support Us!

The New School in Exile.


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  3. hopefully, you'll be arrested tomorrow night. A long weekend in jail will clear your head.

  4. I honestly don't even know why it hasn't been done yet. They are very lucky.

    This is going to end badly, and as much as I don't agree with what is going on I hope no one gets hurt when it all comes crumbling down.

  5. Yeah, it is such a shame for people to try to struggle collectively and actually change things instead of rolling over and playing dead. Send 'em all to jail so they can learn to be good little cogs.


  7. also, totally agreement with what Raf said.

  8. There are many ways to stage a protest. I wouldn't complain a bit if it was outside. They could scream their heads off for all I would not care, and their points would be made.

    What they are doing is subjugating 90% of the school for the needs of about 10% in a way that impacts other negatively. If it is all about improving student life why are they doing it in a way that impedes the education of other students?

    Is it because it's too cold outside and they don't believe in their cause enough to withstand the cold?

    I believe it was NYU teachers or adjuncts that struck awhile back and they did not do in a way that affected the students. They did get their way I think in the end(?).

    Also, about your comment about cogs. So, I have to believe what you believe or else I am a COG? Wow. It seems to me that is only response that anyone seems to bring up when someone criticizes the movement. Normally, that is indicative of a flawed stance. FYI.

  9. What is saying that a bunch of fucking kids need to goto jail to "clear their heads" saying if not that they should shutup and sit down? It was in reference to JD, who is clearly not supportive of this in any form, inside or out.

    Beyond that, they occupied what, the cafeteria? Again, its the pigs keeping people out, not the students. Fight the real enemies.

  10. That is where I study and get my work done best. So, yes it does affect me directly.

    Also, police officers are not pigs. They are people with families just trying to get along just like everyone else. Using that type of language is not necessary, and you know what many of the officers could feel for you and not be able to do anything about it. Why? It's their job and they have families to feed.

    I'd be more supportive of this movement for change if they were representative of how all the students feel. I didn't find out about this until someone interrupted my class to tell me about it, disrupted my study plans, and now may potentially make me miss a final. How would these types of tactics endear me to your side?

    I'm a logical person and I do see some of the points as well as agree with them. I do not, however, agree with the course of action taken. Furthermore, I am afraid of how the actions of others will impact how people view the school.

  11. Oh you poor dear, missing so much studying that you have to resort to... arguing on a blog? Hmm. Something doesn't add up here. Sorry you faced a minor inconvenience, but I'm sure everything will be okay...

    As for pigs, their institutional role is to be pigs, whether as individuals they are friendly or assholes. So yeah, that language is necessary because they actively work against my interests. Maybe if they switched, quit or shot themselves I'd find something nicer to say about them.

    Sorry their actions stepped on your toes (albeit in what seems to be a minor and personal way), but occupations of that sort have a long, long, long history and they've generally been effective. The students here seem to be riding the wave of recent struggles in Chicago and Greece and taking that momentum to do something on their own situation. Power to em, and I hope is spreads further.

  12. As I said in my other post. I just logged on to see the situation.

    I am one of many students I talked to who weren't in agreement with the protest. Not everyone feels the need to step up, and I thought that since they were about fostering a dialogue I could let my feelings be known as well.

    My issue isn't studying it's being able to get in the building to take my final. I didn't complain earlier when I couldn't get my work done where I wanted, because at the end of the day I can always go somewhere else to study. It was when they spread to the next building that's when I felt it going too far and I had to make my voice heard.

    I do truly believe that every person has a right to a forum to express their opinion, but the proper place would have been the forum scheduled tonight not taking the school hostage as well as disrupting the lives of other students.

    Some good may come of this, but I still a disservice to the other students scraping up the 28k to go to the New School if it disrupts them academically.

    That is my point and has always been my main point.