Thursday, December 18, 2008

A letter to the faculty (real time: 5:19)

To the faculty of The New School,

We the students who are occupying the building at 65 5th Avenue have declared ourselves in solidarity with the faculty's votes of no-confidence in Bob Kerrey and Jim Murtha. In addition to this action, we have formed some basic demands that we believe must be met. These demands are:

1. The removal of Bob Kerrey from the position of President of The New School as well as the position of provost
2. The removal of Jim Murtha from the position of Executive Vice President of The New School
3. The removal of Robert Millard from the Board of Trustees
4. Organized and representative student participation and voting rights in the interim committee to hire a new provost
5. Disclosure of The New School's finances since 2001 and furthermore the creation of a separate academic budget
6. The creation of a committee dedicated to Social Responsible Investment
7. The immediate suspension of capital improvements on New School buildings and the redirection of these funds toward (a) an autonomous student space where we can study and engage in group work, (b) scholarships and tuition, (c) a respectable library
8. Refrain from disciplinary action against the organizers of this demonstration

We believe that these demands are reasonable and justifiable. We also recognize that our actions stand in solidarity with protesters in Europe as well as students worldwide who suffer similar disregard for basic needs and rights. We hereby invite the faculty to join us in our movement for better conditions at The New School, and we believe that these demands, once met, will result in a better academic environment for faculty and students alike.

We are doing this because we care about The New School and our education, and out of respect for the hard work teachers and students alike invest in our academic work.

We will be here at 65 5th Avenue until progress is made toward our demands. We invite you to join us.

In solidarity,

Your students
The University in Exile

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  1. tenure |ˈtenyər; -ˌyoŏr|
    1 the conditions under which land or buildings are held or occupied.
    2 the holding of an office : his tenure of the premiership would be threatened.
    • a period for which an office is held.
    3 guaranteed permanent employment, esp. as a teacher or professor, after a probationary period.

    Give'em tenure!