Thursday, December 18, 2008

Overnight Highs!

Dear Friends,

The main building is now officially opened and WE HAVE CONTROL!   The building is now a STUDY SPACE FOR STUDENTS!  Something we have been sorely lacking at our University.  As a result of the continuing occupation, the University has altered their normal protocol and are now not allowing students from the consortium to enter the building as they normally can.

We have been joined in Solidarity by UNITE HERE Local 101 who represent our cafeteria workers and they have refused to cross the barricades!

We will be hosting a demonstration outside the building at 10:3am, Come show your Support.

The Address is 65 5th Avenue.  Between W14 and W13

For all formal statements please refer to our website:  and stay tuned here for updates every half hour!

Yours for a better world and a Better University,

The New School in Exile

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