Thursday, December 18, 2008


Dear Friends,

Due to "security concerns" Mr. Kerrey has canceled his meeting with the University Student Senate.  

With each emergency measure, the legitimacy of his Administration takes another hit.  We will be holding the Meeting ourselves in the Cafeteria!

Join us!  Together we can engender change.

The New School in Exile


  1. HI!!!
    I study in Milano, I'm an italian student of the "onda anomala" the italian students' movement that since 2 months fight against the new law of the berlusconi's government. We ask money for a New university, that is free and where the students can choose and decide when and what they have to study. We want the government to invest in school and not in war campaign. We want a knowledge that is not private, but common, without separeted class for migrant students...
    We are in struggle for a battle that go from italy, to USA toward Greece.
    I give you our contacts, where i wait an answer with your contact, because i dont find it on your site. //

    KEEP ON FIGHTING, solidariety from Milano!

  2. Has he canceled HIS meeting with the USS or the whole event?

    The official email reads: "For safety and security reasons, I have decided to cancel The New School's University Student Senate Forum scheduled for tonight, December 18 at 8:00 p.m.".

    In solidarity.

  3. CodePink expresses solidarity to you in NYC and also a shout out to my paesan from Milano, here is a little solidarity for you as well. That is me in the middle protesting the Dal Molin air base while Berluscone was at the White House in October. There were only 3 of us but we made so much noise that ANSA came out and interviewed us! I am a Tronolone on my father's side and you know how loud we can get, right? Haha. Forza Langobardia!

    New School students do you need anything, how are you fixed for food and water? Let us know.

  4. You have my solidarity for bringing all the issues of a democracy of mass participation back to one of the key institutions which, in an earlier day, helped to promote the idea of the university as an instrument of social change for a wider democracy.

    Your president has taken the New School far from that conception, and thus is deserving of your 'No Confidence' verdict.

    The most interesting of your demands, to me anyway, is your call to 'open the books,' for transparency in the university's dealings in what really is a public trust. Information wants to be free, and once you have it, it becomes a weapon for the greater good.

    As some of you know, I am a veteran of both the Berkeley and Columbia student strikes of 1967-1968. From that perspective, I would offer only one point: You are part of an entire city where students are being cheated of a quality education and workers are being denied the right to organize on the job. Keep their interests in mind as you fight for your own; in fact, make common cause with them, fight to end these miserable wars, and make a better world.

    Carl Davidson
    SDS, 1966-68