Thursday, December 18, 2008

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Why is everyone all pissy about a bunch of students doing what students around the world have been doing for decades? Let them protest! Let them have a voice in a situation where they had none. Jeez guys, maybe you need to protest the shitty life you're living, since you apparently have nothing else to do but get so grumpy about this.


As an alum of the University I stand in solidarity with my fellows at the New School. Their protest is a reaction to having years-long efforts to peacefully resolve the bureaucracy and corporatizing, and constantly being shut down by President Kerrey and his administration.

The New School was founded upon the principles of progressive education and openness, and Kerrey has, in the last seven years, moved the university further away from this vision of academia than at any other time in its 89 year history.


Thanks for that, and thanks to the snarky ones out there who made us laugh.


The New School in Exile

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  1. Please note all the other comments making fun of this. Seriously.