Thursday, December 18, 2008

Police in the Building (4:21)

It seems that members of the NYPD have entered the building from the 13th Street entrance, but it seems they pose no immediate threat.

Meanwhile democracy continues inside.

The New School in Exile


  1. Stay strong. Hope to see you soon in a couple of hours.!

    solidarity forever!

    Former CCNY student,
    Current Columbia employee

  2. Yay! Hope they have enough tear gas!

  3. HI!!!
    I study in Milano, I'm an italian student of the "onda anomala" the italian students' movement that since 2 months fight against the new law of the berlusconi's government. We ask money for a New university, that is free and where the students can choose and decide when and what they have to study. We want the government to invest in school and not in war campaign. We want a knowledge that is not private, but common, without separeted class for migrant students...
    We are in struggle for a battle that go from italy, to USA toward Greece.
    I give you our contacts, where i wait an answer with your contact, because i dont find it on your site. //

    KEEP ON FIGHTING, solidariety from Milano!

  4. Yeah. That seems like the violation of a confidence.