Saturday, December 20, 2008

Letter from a Member of The New School in Exile

Hello everyone,

I wanted to say thank you and congratulations to everyone again. It
was amazing taking part in this with all of you, and I am still amazed
by what we did. I think that as we continue to look forward and begin
to plan what comes next we need to hold on to what is no longer just
an idea of what we can accomplish, but the very concrete fact that
when we come together we can mobilize, take action, and really stir
some shit up. We are going to continue this, and part of that is
knowing that the New School in Exile as an idea will always exist, and
as a website. We're keeping that up and running, and when the time
comes, it'll be there for us to mobilize again.

While I have been pretty quiet today I have been following the
conversations going on between everyone and I don't really want to
jump in on the debates because it seems like they been resolved at
this point. What I do want to suggest is that we all turn our
intention to the blogs and news stories that are continuing to cover
our OCCUPATION, not demonstration and start posting. For starters, our
good friend Bob's blog is back up and running: he says there were 50
of us in the cafeteria when we left...he lies. No surprise, but let's
correct it for the record. Beyond that the NY Times blog has
repeatedly challenged that it was an occupation and that we had
consent: no. And as to all the Kerrey chasing stories...I don't really
care what side of the fence you are on (I personally agree with (name deleted)-
he knew damn well what he was doing, and this was verified by the
reporter who watched it occur): my suggestion is
that when we come across it in print we counter-spin it. Kerrey has
oppressed us, Drunk Murtha authorized force against us, and
intimidated us. While Kerrey was supposedly being "chased" Drunk
Murtha was pounding on the glass of the room negotiations were taking
place in, and telling us if they weren't hammered out in five minutes
he would sic the police on us. The media wants intimidation, and the
use of physical force and violence: we got more than enough that was
directed at us by Kerrey and Drunk Murtha to go around. (Along these
lines a comment on Bob's blog says that "we" being white, rich kids
tormented a black security guard...we should also try to clear that
up...I think we should comment away on Bob's blog and if he doesn't
post them, we expose him for that too.)

In closing I would also like to suggest that we brainstorm on how we
want to go about continuing to target Drunk Murtha...I think we can
come up with a direct way for us to bring our charges and allegations
against him. I would also like to suggest that we try to have Jose
Velagas fired for his excessive and grotesque use of force and verbal
abuse of our fellow students and friends. Do we have other videos
showing him losing his shit?

Sorry to have this go on for so long....

Again thanks everyone!

In solidarity,
(Name Deleted for Protection)

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