Thursday, December 18, 2008

Negotiations continue (11:21)

Fully on our terms now of course!

We Will get our Part in choosing a provost!

Our Comrades will not have charges pressed!

We Shut Down the Whole School!

We will continue to negotiate the immediate resignation of the Administration!

We ask everyone for calm, we ask for peace, we ask for New York and the World to continue to support us! We have the Upper Hand, in no uncertain terms! It is not over.

Please continue to rally, continue to control 5th Avenue! We need continued progress! We will win!

Solidarity Solidarity Solidarity
The New York Schools In Exile!


  1. Asking for calm and peace is normally not done in a less-than-calm protest...

  2. What's un-calm about it? The students asserted their right to manage their own university and affairs in a completely nonviolent manner. When the NYPD, in their usual fashion, behaved like the pigs they are, the students maintained their cool and kept control of the situation.