Thursday, December 18, 2008

It is Ours!

We have our own space!

Solidarity all around.

There is music and study and general joy going on right now in the Graduate Faculty Building.

We had some initial chaos when the building was taken considering we had a significant influx of people, but all is completely calm at this time.

We have gone to work securing what we hold, barricading our doors.

CUNY, NYU,HUNTER, BRONX COMMUNITY COLLEGE, MARYMOUNT MANHATTAN COLLEGE, and more. We are all in exile but we have found a new home. In this home, Academics and democracy rule. In this home, the students hold control. In this home WE are all brothers and sisters.

Solidarity Solidarity Solidarity
We are now New York Schools in Exile!

1 comment:

  1. As a New School Alum you are all making me proud.
    I unfortunately could not make it by tonight but will be around tomorrow to show my support with video camera in hand.

    Please stay strong. Stay safe.
    Don't give them fuel for bad media. In other words keep doing you.

    FIST UP!