Thursday, December 18, 2008

CUNY Students outside!

CUNY protesters outside! Students For Students!

Thank You, You are our Sisters and Brothers.

The New School in Exile


  1. "New School Students, CUNY Is With You" is the chant outside the school, CUNY students walking a picket.

  2. SAIC staff in chicago is with you.

  3. The numbers in support will only continue to rise.

  4. Solidarity from Little Chute, WI

  5. Dear Occupiers and Friends,

    I am writing to tell you of the excitement and pride my heart was filled with this morning when I heard the news.

    The New School is under occupation and Wisconsin is getting 12 inches of snow tonight. Clearly the end is near… or something just as exciting.

    I’ve been away from the New School for the semester, and am off in snowy Wisconsin for the moment. I certainly wish I could join you now.

    Thank you for everything you are doing. The world has its eyes on you, and the stand you are taking. I'll see you in the Spring.

    In the meantime, I promise to spread the word, and make sure at least 100 more people in Wisconsin hear your story tonight.

    In Solidarity,