Saturday, December 20, 2008

More info on the so called "chasing" of Kerrey from a Member of The New School in Exile

I spoke to a reporter about the incident and he is also going to report it. He said that Kerrey was surrounded by security when he came out. He said that people began to crowd around him including reporters and cameras and perhaps a total of 20 people. He said that they were following him and that when they reached the corner he took off running for no apparent reason. He then ducked into his own house. He said that people followed him running as opposed to chased him. I do think this is important because it is an obvious ploy added to the fact that Kerrey quickly called the deans and announced this. I think the problem of the context of this entire debate is that we are allowing him to associate it and make it a part of the image of the occupation. Those of us in the occupation were always non-violent and our goal was to have a voice. If we wanted to chase Kerrey around we could have easily done that but our agenda was much larger. I agree that any person should have the right to their personal security and feel strongly about that as an academic, yet I wonder how much war criminal Kerrey believes that or how our faculty that has expressed their lack of safety and job security at our school feel about that. I know I don't feel like mine is respected when the head of security is taking pictures of my face when I am standing peacefully in a lobby, or when Jim (Drunk) Murtha repeatedly walks up to me and looks at my face and smiles calmly. We are allowing Bob Kerrey to act a victim when we have been victimized by him. If people did have strong enough feelings to chase him down, which I don't believe they did, then perhaps it is a testament to the decisions he has made throughout his entire life. It does not make it right but we cannot be held accountable for the levels of hate he has incited in his entire life. Let's turn this debate around, let's say that he may have been a victim for a minute and that we agree it is wrong if that is the case and we know because we have been victimized for far two long by his arrogance and his lack of respect for anything but the money that we give the school.
(Name Deleted for the Student's protection)

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  1. I thought the great chase was hilarious, the only genuine piece of performance art during this crisis.