Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Police are Surrounding us!

We still hold the room and a physical barrier. They are not very attractive. Dick Tracy Character ugly if you know what I mean.

They are yet to engage us directly.

We are contacting our lawyers, and taking pictures and video. Don't worry friends. We are not perturbed! Please continue to show your support.

The New York Schools in Exile.


  1. Just be careful, no knowing what the nypd is in for

  2. Ditto...
    Should they confront you...
    Stay calm. Go limp arms and legs spread out so its very clear that you are not fighting back.. film this.. it will show that any violence is on their part

  3. More unsolicited advice:

    If you find yourself in a "conversation" with one of them, do not say ANYTHING at all. At all.

    Hold fast. You are making all of NYC's students proud.

    Cramming for a final final, wishing I was there with you,

    a cuny law comrade

  4. To the Exiles : What began as a thoughtful protest and demonstration has regressed into a name-calling charade. Your personal attacks against the administration and the NYPD reminds everyone that you have much to learn. Insulting actions and words do not demonstrate maturity, credibility, or any level of scholarship.

  5. Don't listen to the goons! You are doing great and we're all with you! Big ups from a Student in Exile in Pittsburgh, PA!

  6. Shut up JF.

    You've totally missed the point.