Thursday, December 18, 2008

New School In Exile

New School in Exile: A Call to Occupa(c)tion

The original idea of the University in Exile, and the New School
in general, was to be a safe-haven for academic freedom and
scholarship free of oppressive political regimes, be they in Europe
or America, and to be a center for critical engagement with important
issues of our times. It was known for its deep thinkers, its innovative
academics, and its committment to social and political justice as
a bedrock of all other scholarship. The New School, under
its current administration, is no longer able to fulfill that role
 of critical engagement and dissent. This continued betryal of our
 founding principles cannot be tolerated any longer, and
the time has come to revive the University in Exile.
 This is a call for student action!

~ Demands of the Occupation ~

• The removal of Bob Kerrey as president of our university

• The removal of James Murtha as executive vice president 

of our university

• Students, faculty, and staff elect the president, EVP, and Provost.

• Students are part of the interim committee to hire a provost.

• The removal of Robert B. Millard as treasurer of the board of trustees.

• Intelligible transparency and disclosure of the university 

budget and investments.

• The creation of a committee on socially responsible investments.

• The immediate suspension of capital improvement projects

 like the tearing down of 65 fifth Ave.

• Instead, money towards the creation of an autonomous student space.

• Instead, money towards scholarships and reducing tuition.

• Instead, money for the library and student life generally.

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