Thursday, December 18, 2008

Solidarity Site with 1000+ members (9:50)

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Comrades around the world:

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The New School in Exile.


  1. La lucha sigue! zapata vive!

    bueno suerte, companer@s.

  2. Those of us who have to be away from the university tonight are keeping you in our thoughts. Let that Facebook group be proof that as many people are occupying New School buildings, there are HUNDREDS more who are in solidarity with you.

  3. From San Francisco CA,

    solidarity brothers and sisters, the fight for education and community spaces is a worthy fight. We support you.

    -La Ventana Collective, San Francisco State University

  4. i was out to 65 fifth for a few hours tonight and i'd like to suggest a few things. of course i certainly don't expect that you'll give much credence and i certainly wouldn't expect you to since i'm not able to stand beside you.

    first, i would like to point out that the most likely reason why kerrey and the police are letting this continue because they think the snow tomorrow will drive away those outside and make it much easier to drag you out.

    second, your demands don't have any relevance to the unions which should be supporting you. you are dealing with working class people whose main concern is paying the bills, not fighting the very structure which creates those debts. not that i am suggesting that you should broaden your demands (they're quite pointed and obviously legitimate), but that in order to drive your points home you must make them as pointed as you can. why should kerrey release the new school's investment record? because you are the ones paying for it.

    that brings me to another issue. how is the school funded? is it funded by your tuition? or is it funded by an endowment of pre-existing money which is controlled by wealthy, (now) capitalistic graduates? i ask because i'm not familiar with the issue, but if so then it would be quite a good point to make. if you are paying tuition which contributes to the function of the school as a whole, then you have every right to know what the school itself is doing, even if your tuition is not involved.

    the most important point that i would make would be that the new school is now a wholly capitalist institution, run by "old money" who control the public message and internal structure of the school, and this is entirely against the ideas upon which the school was founded.

    You are students. Is this your school, or is it the property of those who fund it? Do you, as students, own the school? Or is it the property of those privileged enough to stand on the board of directors?

    ps quit complaining about the folks outside acting with such slight aggression towards the police keeping them out (pounding on the windows, etc). collective frustration is your only ally in this and bolstering their spirits will encourage more people to stay around once the snow starts falling. if you have anyone who can provide warm blankets and coats then do what you can to provide for them, since they're probably the main reason they haven't arrested you all by now.

    PPS make it possible to respond to this blog anonymously, are you fucking idiots? why would anyone want to be identified giving advice to you? i'm not even a student.