Friday, December 19, 2008

Only New School Students w/ ID are being allowed in 65 5th (RT:12:40)

Dear Friends,

It seems that heightened alert and The Graduate Faculty Building continues. It has been brought to our attention that only NS students with ID will be allowed into the building today.

A student I know was denied entrance this morning despite showing her work-study pay receipt (complete with name and student number and the words: NEW SCHOOL, stamped on its front) and valid driver's license together. Students Must Be Able to Meet Their Educational Needs

We at the New School in Exile feel that this is highly inappropriate as we ended the occupation in good faith last night, they should be acting in the same fashion.

yours for full access,
The New School in Exile


  1. Seems I was right.

    Thanks for increasing the hardship of other students, without making sure your concessions were met.

    Did you really think that your control over the school would continue to persist after you ended your "occupation"?

    Now it is pretty clear, whether you support Kerry or not you have to admit that he did in fact win.

    All it took was lack of bathroom acess and being confined to the cafeteria you took by storm.

    Now, students without IDs will be turned away even when they have other forms of valid id.


    Sheets of paper are easily transformed into facsimiles of paperwork from the school, and the adminstration wants to ensure that you can never protest in such a manner ever again.

    Way to go. Didn't even get what you really wanted in the first place, and now you won't be given a chance to make your voice heard again in the same manner.

  2. Dear newschoolstudent,

    It would be quite nice to be able to open up a personal dialogue with you not through the public. We are concerned for your views as well, but are quite put off by your general pessimism. Change takes time, and effort it seems you are unwilling to give time or make an effort.

    This is not over and we hope that you will join us too.

    The New School in Exile

  3. Students should be let in, but I understand their concern. I would think they could make an exception on the part of that girl...

    Anyway, I just saw in the New York Times the picture and caption about the occupation. It's really too bad that such a short story had to end with students chasing someone running on a prosthesis down the street. That makes us look insensitive and irrational to anyone who's reading it.

  4. We had a very relevant concern pertaining to the ID verification process just yesterday. New School students in media rely on Equipment Center gear to record and videotape events and news stories taking place on the school property. The Equipment Center requires students (and faculty) to leave their IDs to sign out all in-house gear.

    This resulted in a catch-22 that compromised WNSR ('s ability to respond to the action as it was happening, as our personnel were not let in with a photocopy of ID, as had been standard procedure. As such, the policy limited, and will continue to limit, the effectiveness of a free press and student media.

    Faculty Advisor, New School Radio

  5. I appreciate the sentiment, but as I'm afraid that I too will marginalized by people for speaking up againist your protest and as such I am not inclined to do so.

    I understand that change takes time and effort, but how do you know what steps I have or have not made to make changes on campus?

    Is it because I did not join your protest? Or that I do not entirely support your views? Is that what intrinsically decides that I am not interested in making changes in my campus for the better?

    Your statement is also far reaching and an incorrect statement, because you know nothing about me. I, however, do not take it as a personal offence.

    The fact remains you have a PR problem, and you are polarizng your constinuency through your inflammatory as well as presumpatory nature.

    If you really want to make changes on campus you need to court the majority and not just those with views indentical to your own. This is why if I were running your relations with the public, I would have encouraged you to speak to your critics. Respond to your fellow students about why you took those drastic measures that commented on the blog, because these are the people who care. They would not have taken to the time to comment if they did not care about what was going on at their school. They are also your fellow students whom you claim to be fighting to gain a voice for in the adminstration, and by ignoring their interest you appear to be lost in your own extreme liberalism. Thus, leaving no room for the rest of us in your grand new vision.

    The way to approach this situation is not to issue missives reminscent of a communist manifesto, but speak to the hearts of your public. By doing the former in combination with poor grammar/spelling, you are only giving the other side ammunition to shoot you down with and lure the more moderate students to their side.

    My pessimism was validated, furthermore, as I posted about the increased security low and behold it happened. It also demonstrates the this movement was not thought through, because honestly did you NOT see that coming?

    I think as a movement you need to regroup, think about your priorites, and get in touch with the other students of New School and their needs. By doing so you can create a clear plan of action that will maximize the fullest potential of the New School student body, and truly reach the goals you have set for your movement.

  6. Blaming student movements for the repressive actions of the heavy-handed administrations they oppose is pretty freakin' myopic.

    An example by way of metaphor: the civil rights movement polarized the U.S. populace and, when it won victories in certain areas, it also heightened racist violence against black people across the country. Were civil rights groups to blame for rising racist attacks in the U.S? Were they "just asking for it" by rising up? Hardly.

    To blame groups with less power for the repression visited upon them by the powerful is silly. It means that one is refusing to question the legitimacy of the actions of the powerful. And it attributes to the power structures that govern things (in this case, a university administration) a sanctity and inevitability that they hardly deserve.