Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2nd Teach-In Scheduled for Tomorrow!!!!

*New School Teach-in: Mar 4, Wed, 4-6pm
Parsons lobby, 2 w.13th st @ 5th ave

Come learn about why students and faculty have been boiling since the
winter, and what's to come in the future, including:

- History of the New School and the University in Exile
- Current Power Structure of the New School
- Brief History of Student Resistance since 1970
- What last December's Occupation Achieved
- Grievances and Problems we still have with the Administration
- April 1st: the Deadline for Change*


  1. It would be fantastic if you could post up a summary of all the above points that you discussed.

  2. we basically went over the same information as the first teach-in, which you can watch in full at newschoolinexile.com . . . aside from that, there were a few points added here and there, and the april 1st discussion was different and with a different crowd. tim marshall (the new provost) came by in the beginning to say hello and that he wanted to meet with students in small groups to listen to their concerns. oh, and security didn't fuck with us this time.

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